DeGenerazione (1994)

  • Genre: Science Fiction, Horror, Thriller
  • Release Date: 1994-07-15
  • User Rating: 6.6/10 from 4 ratings
  • Runtime: 1h 50min
  • Language: Italiano
  • Production Country: Italy
  • Directors: Asia Argento, Alex Infascelli, Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti, Alessandro Valori, Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, Alberto Taraglio, Andrea Prandstraller, Andrea Maulà, Eleonora Fiorini.
star 6.6/10
From 4 Ratings


Very rare Italian horror anthology from 1994, starring amongst many others, Asia Argento. This Italian movie is an anthology based with no linking material, only that all of the stories have a horror/suspense/surreal theme. The stories are diverse, ranging from routine stories with twist-endings to social satire. The directing styles are equally as eclectic - compare the frenetic Peter Jackson-style opening segment, Our Guys Are Coming to the surrealistic, dreamlike qualities of Outlook.

DeGenerazione Trailer

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  • Alessandro Haber

    as Regista (segment "Arrivano i nostri")
  • Marco Manetti

    as Primo Alieno (segment "Arrivano i nostri")
  • Andrea Prandstraller

    as Secondo Alieno (segment "Arrivano i nostri")
  • Antonio Manetti

    as Terzo Alieno (segment "Arrivano i nostri")
  • Alberto Rossi

    as Nicola (segment "Consegna a domicilio")
  • Gloria Sirabella

    as Francesca (segment "Consegna a domicilio")
  • Giampaolo Genovesi

    as Uomo delle Consegne (segment "Consegna a domicilio")
  • Patrizia Sacchi

    as Antiquario (segment "Consegna a domicilio")
  • Asia Argento

    as Alessia (segment "Consegna a domicilio")
  • Stefano Abbati

    as Boris (segment "Just Another Vampire Story")
  • Cesare Bocci

    as Dan (segment "Just Another Vampire Story")
  • Pierfrancesco Loche

    as Michele (segment "La TV fa male ai bambini?")
  • Claudia Pozzi

    as Nadia (segment "La TV fa male ai bambini?")
  • Marco Carlaccini

    as Speaker Tv (segment "La TV fa male ai bambini?")
  • Valentina Corvi

    as Grazia (segment "La TV fa male ai bambini?")
  • Massimo De Lorenzo

    as Amedeo (segment "La TV fa male ai bambini?")
  • Bianca Pesce

    as Luisa (segment "La TV fa male ai bambini?")
  • Pierpaolo Trezzini

    as Giulio (segment "La TV fa male ai bambini?")
  • Marialivia Lucernari

    as Milla (segment "La TV fa male ai bambini?")
  • Alessandro Haber

    as Enrico (segment "Vuoto a rendere")
  • Mariella Valentini

    as La Moglie (segment "Vuoto a rendere")
  • Luigi Basagaluppi

    as Primo Collega (segment "Vuoto a rendere")
  • Francesco Maria Dominedò

    as Secondo Collega (segment "Vuoto a rendere")
  • Natalia Bizzi

    as La Figlia Maggiore (segment "Vuoto a rendere")
  • Francesca Fago

    as La Figlia Minore (segment "Vuoto a rendere")
  • Frankie Hi-Nrg

    as L'uomo col Mocio (segment "Vuoto a rendere")
  • Asia Argento

    as Se stessa (segment "Prospettive")
  • Mario De Candia

    as Andrea (segment "Prospettive")
  • Corrado Guzzanti

    as Riccardo (segment "Catene")
  • Simona Cavallari

    as Giulia (segment "Catene")
  • Pietro Jona

    as Dario (segment "Catene")
  • Francesca Antonelli

    as Ginny (segment "Catene")
  • Gloria Sirabella

    as Michela (segment "Catene")
  • Pietro Genuardi

    as Diego (segment "Catene")
  • Francesco Siciliano

    as Luca (segment "Catene")
  • Alessandro Fabrizi

    as Simone (segment "Catene")
  • Carla Pampaloni

    as Marzia (segment "Catene")
  • Giorgio Tirabassi

    as Taxista (segment "India 21")
  • Alessandro Fabrizi

    as La Voce (segment "India 21")
  • Luca D'Ascanio

    as Il Cliente (segment "India 21")
  • Gloria Sirabella

    as La Cliente (segment "India 21")
  • Cesare Bocci

    as Agostino (segment "Finalmente insieme")
  • Maria Pia Calzone

    as Giulia (segment "Finalmente insieme")
  • Mario De Candia

    as Carlo (segment "Squeak!")
  • Francesca De Martini

    as Alice (segment "Squeak!")
  • Massimo Sarchielli

    as Avvocato (segment "Squeak!")
  • Marco Manetti

    as Jena (segment "Squeak!")
  • Antonio Manetti

    as Jason (segment "Squeak!")
  • Asia Argento

    as Lorna (segment "Squeak!")
  • Paolo Bellinzomi

  • Morena De Pasquale

    as Ragazza (segment "Catene") (uncredited)
  • Stefania Orlando

    as Ragazza (segment "Catene") (uncredited)
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