Triangle of Sadness

Triangle of Sadness (2022)

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Release Date: 2022-09-18
  • User Rating: 7.1/10 from 1874 ratings
  • Runtime: 2h 27min
  • Language:
  • Production Company: 30WEST
  • Production Country: Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America
  • Director: Ruben Östlund
star 7.1/10
From 1,874 Ratings


A celebrity model couple are invited on a luxury cruise for the uber-rich, helmed by an unhinged, alcoholic captain. What first appears Instagrammable ends catastrophically, leaving the survivors stranded on a desert island in a struggle of hierarchy.

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Is Triangle of Sadness on Netflix? Yes! The movie Triangle of Sadness is now on Netflix in the countries listed below.

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  • Harris Dickinson

    as Carl
  • Charlbi Dean

    as Yaya
  • Woody Harrelson

    as Thomas, The Captain
  • Zlatko Burić

    as Dimitry
  • Vicki Berlin

    as Paula
  • Dolly de Leon

    as Abigail
  • Henrik Dorsin

    as Jarmo
  • Iris Berben

    as Therese
  • Jean-Christophe Folly

    as Nelson
  • Amanda Walker

    as Clementine
  • Oliver Ford Davies

    as Winston
  • Sunnyi Melles

    as Vera
  • Thobias Thorwid

    as Lewis
  • Jiannis Moustos

    as Driver
  • Timoleon Gketsos

    as Handsome Crewman
  • Alicia Eriksson

    as Alicia
  • Carolina Gynning

    as Ludmilla
  • Ralph Schicha

    as Uli
  • Arvin Kananian

    as Darius
  • Mia Benson

    as Dirty Sails Lady
  • Stefan Gödicke

    as Yacht Chef
  • Nana Manu

    as Beach Vendor
  • Fredrik Quinones

    as Male Model
  • Filip Roséen

    as Male Model
  • Chidiegwu Chidi

    as Male Model
  • Charlie Westerberg

    as Male Model
  • Erik Andersson

    as Male Model
  • Hamlet Talje Willoughby

    as Male Model
  • Victor Köhler

    as Male Model
  • Daniel Estehghari

    as Male Model
  • Alfons Miari

    as Male Model
  • Isak Barrow

    as Male Model
  • Alexander Virenhem

    as Male Model
  • Malte Gårdinger

    as Male Model
  • Alfred Lindström

    as Male Model
  • Augustine Kajue

    as Male Model
  • William-Patrik Molvén

    as Male Model
  • Florand Kaufeldt

    as Male Model
  • Theodor Öhrn

    as Male Model
  • Jin Zou

    as Male Model
  • David Alexanderson

    as Male Model
  • Olof Källström

    as Male Model
  • Julian Redaelli

    as Male Model
  • Egil Ahlenius

    as Male Model
  • Carl Jood

    as Male Model
  • Chand Smith

    as Male Model
  • Malick Afocozi

    as Male Model
  • Ludvig Fast

    as Male Model
  • Victor Norlander

    as Male Model
  • Anton Isaksson

    as Male Model
  • Brian Kamara

    as Male Model
  • Eric Svirins

    as Male Model
  • Hugo Palm

    as Male Model
  • Simon Bredenberg

    as Male Model
  • Noa Del Castillo Hallberg

    as Male Model
  • Ann-Sofi Back

    as Casting Jury
  • Robert Rydberg

    as Casting Jury
  • Robert Nordberg

    as Casting Jury
  • Charlotte Brattin

    as Casting Jury
  • Mira Uszkureit

    as Casting Jury
  • Alex Schulman

    as Front Row
  • Amanda Schulman

    as Front Row
  • Emma Warg

    as Front Row
  • Camilla Läckberg

    as Front Row
  • Christina Saliba

    as Front Row
  • Karin Myrenberg

    as Front Row
  • Linnea Olsson

    as Cello Player
  • Asta Stensson

    as Model at Runway
  • Elsa Sjökvist

    as Model at Runway
  • Johanna Ovelius

    as Model at Runway
  • Shaniaz Hama Ali

    as Advanced Extra
  • Catrin Nilsson

    as Advanced Extra
  • Jacob Papinniemi

    as Advanced Extra
  • Mimmi Brundin

    as Advanced Extra
  • Melodie Von Sass

    as Advanced Extra
  • Ellen Dixdotter

    as Advanced Extra
  • Sofia Lücke

    as Advanced Extra
  • Ronja Kruus

    as Advanced Extra
  • Chris Westerstrom

    as Advanced Extra
  • Hedda Rehnberg

    as Advanced Extra
  • Robert Martufi

    as Advanced Extra
  • Hanna Oldenburg

    as Yacht Steward
  • Arnella Zetterström

    as Yacht Steward
  • Sepideh Mazloom

    as Yacht Steward
  • Eric Dernsjö

    as Yacht Steward
  • Nikolas Drosopoulos

    as Yacht Crew
  • Chrysanthi Theodosi

    as Yacht Crew
  • Maria Alexiou

    as Yacht Crew
  • Marilena Lampropoulou

    as Yacht Crew
  • Christos Ntoulas

    as Yacht Crew
  • Nikolas Chalkiadakis

    as Yacht Crew
  • Grace Milaszewski

    as Yacht Crew
  • Melina Marksaitis

    as Yacht Crew
  • Theresa Johannesson

    as Yacht Crew
  • Leocilyn Capanas

    as Yacht Crew
  • Nanette Lipponen

    as Yacht Crew
  • Maria Danica Herrera

    as Yacht Crew
  • Maria Grace Concepcion

    as Yacht Crew
  • Kristin Delfinado

    as Yacht Crew
  • Shanilou Del Mundo

    as Yacht Crew
  • John Michael Yadao

    as Yacht Crew
  • Freedom Ziad Ahmed

    as Yacht Crew
  • Robert Jomar

    as Yacht Crew
  • Garry Villador Deveratturda

    as Yacht Crew
  • Christopher Janiola

    as Yacht Crew
  • Mario Rowen Bugtai

    as Yacht Crew
  • Mohamed Lachras

    as Yacht Crew
  • Taye Nathanail

    as Yacht Crew
  • Athanasios Papaioannou

    as Yacht Crew
  • Alexandros Sargologos

    as Yacht Crew
  • Allen Bandiola

    as Yacht Crew
  • Nicolas Refin

    as Yacht Crew
  • Lontoc Rolyn

    as Yacht Crew
  • John Paul Paugio

    as Yacht Crew
  • John Paulo

    as Yacht Crew
  • Anne Brocklin Bergman

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Johnny Bergman

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Fredrik Wikingsson

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Henrik Thott

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Thomas Peteus

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Magnus Jeansson

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Stefan Martikainen

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Britt-Marie Svensson

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Arash Raoufi

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Nafiseh Hadizadeh

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Inga Hahn

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Lennart Hahn

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Linda Anborg

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Karina Baldock Wiking

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Olof Myhrman

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Rebecca Fager

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Hilde Fager

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Emmylou Saguindel-Holmé

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Ann-Marie Eriksson

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Pål Svensson

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Giorgos Kyriakopoulos

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Pavlos Laoutaris

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Eva Koroli

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Alexia Mpogdanou

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Giannis Papathymios

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Achilles Vatrikas

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Gianna Andritsaki

    as Yacht Passenger
  • Dauda Coneth

    as Pirate
  • Beh Solo Kone

    as Pirate
  • Yussif Zakaria

    as Pirate
  • Papa Cheik Jade

    as Pirate
Production Jim Stark Executive Producer
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