Dark, Deadly & Dreadful

Dark, Deadly & Dreadful (2018)

  • Genre: Horror, Comedy
  • Release Date: 2018-07-28
  • User Rating: 5/10 from 13 ratings
  • Runtime: 1h 27min
  • Language: English
  • Directors: Allisyn Ashley Arm, Luke Jaden, Jeanne Joe, Arif Khan, Arif Khan, Damien LeVeck, Joe Russo, Ben Sottak.
star 5/10
From 13 Ratings


Fun Size Horror Presents "Dark, Deadly & Dreadful", an anthology of short films from Fun Size Horror's community of filmmakers. Each film explores different themes in the horror genre all from the unique perspective of its creator. Featuring work from a diverse group of filmmakers, shorts include submissions to Fun Size Horror, world premiers, and festival winners.

Dark, Deadly & Dreadful Trailer

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  • Jessee Foudray

    as Bathroom bleeder (Bleeder)
  • Abbie Cobb

    as Piper (Weeji)
  • Milly Sanders

    as Claire (Bleeder)
  • Dean Donalds

    as Steve (Take-Out)
  • Bob Rue

    as Robert (Take-Out)
  • Debra Watt

    as Doris (Take-Out)
  • Crystal Lubahn

    as Sophie (Take-Out)
  • Ivan Lugo

    as Chev Ivan (Take-Out)
  • Alexandra August

    as Miranda (Tampoon)
  • J.J. Dunlap

    as Sean (Tampoon)
  • Jeanne Jo

    as Tampon voice (Tampoon)
  • Natalie Kabenjian

    as Angelika (The Silent Scream)
  • Lisa Goodman

    as Piano Teacher (The Silent Scream)
  • Alexa Reddy

    as Little Angelika (The Silent Scream)
  • Mengxue Hou

    as Nightmare killer (The Silent Scream)
  • Christian Ryan

    as The Writer (Who's Afraid of the Octopus Man?)
  • Sam Finn Cutler

    as Gill (Who's Afraid of the Octopus Man?)
  • Justin Lanham

    as The Octopus Man (Who's Afraid of the Octopus Man?)
  • Yoojung Kim

    as Wei (Room 731)
  • Nikki SooHoo

    as Mai (Room 731)
  • Tim Kang

    as Dr. Ken (Room 731)
  • Mariko Denda

    as Nurse Hana (Room 731)
  • Bert Matias

    as Grandfather Chen (Room 731)
  • Steve Huang

    as Officer Kasai (Room 731)
  • William Nego

    as Officer Ando (Room 731)
  • Denise Figueroa

    as No Eyed Woman (Room 731)
  • Timothy Franklin

    as American Officer (Room 731)
  • Huey Jang

    as Burned victim (Room 731)
  • Gregory Itzin

    as Dr. Stanton (Room 731)
  • Turi Hong

    as Nurse Bronell (Room 731)
  • Matthew Scott Montgomery

    as Liam (Weeji)
  • Wes Aderhold

    as (Weeji)
  • Emily James

    as (Weeji)
  • Hayley Ogas

    as Demon (Weeji)
  • Chris Worley

    as Detective (Weeji)
  • Wesley Cole

    as Photographer (Weeji)
  • Sam Jaeger

    as Father Lance (The Cleansing Hour)
  • Heather Morris

    as Heather (The Cleansing Hour)
  • Neil Grayston

    as Drew (The Cleansing Hour)
  • Jonny Radtke

    as Braden (The Cleansing Hour)
  • Joon Ho Huh

    as Sun (The Cleansing Hour)
  • Wanhi Lee

    as Baek (The Cleansing Hour)
  • Reala Dunn

    as Rachel (The Cleansing Hour)
  • Lauren Elise

    as Taylor (The Cleansing Hour)
  • Catherin Marin

    as Jesse (The Cleansing Hour)
  • Vivian Fabiola

    as Sophia (The Cleansing Hour)
  • John Griffin

    as Dad (The Cleansing Hour)
  • Danielle Langlois

    as Mom (The Cleansing Hour)
  • Walker Mintz

    as Bryce (The Cleansing Hour)
  • Juliette Larsen

    as Sarah (The Cleansing Hour)
Directing Allisyn Ashley Arm Director
Directing Luke Jaden Director
Directing Jeanne Joe Director
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Directing Arif Khan Director
Directing Damien LeVeck Director
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